What is jprdv.com?

What is jprdv.com?

Author: Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV

Published On on Sep 9, 2022

Updated on Sep 9, 2022

Welcome to jprdv!!! jprdv’s main objective is to become the most reliable source of information, tools, and services for the new, distributed, remote, and location-independent world. For this purpose, we aim to create unique content, services, and products to guide, help, and do more in these new waters.

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Know these first:

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In this world, being online has become a necessity and an excellent opportunity to build towards what you want to do or to be in life.

Online Empowers

Regardless of the challenges of operating in the online world, we think it is a consensus that online empowers.

jprdv.com Content Ecosystem

Everything has changed, and it is constantly evolving towards enabling you to carry out most activities in a distributed, location-independent manner. This has resulted in an entirely different way of living, working, and managing our personal lives, and this is constantly evolving.

jprdv.com's main objective is to become the most reliable source of information, tools, and services for the new, distributed, remote, and location-independent world. For this purpose, we aim to create unique content, services, and products to guide, help, and do more in these new waters.

First, let's talk about our content ecosystem.

The jprdv.com content ecosystem is an expanding constellation of enhanced blogs whose purpose is to become the ultimate references/guides for those who need it but also to entertain. This ensures that we can provide you with just the content you are interested in.


Freelanstyle is the ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote freelancing, contractual work, and the gig/task economy for clients and service providers.

As remote work, specifically independent remote work, is becoming a new normal, knowledge is your best tool to succeed, as opportunities have become ubiquitous. So, we will use our vast experience in freelancing and passion for the subject to help you reach the level you want.


Magnobusiness is the ultimate guide/resource for distributed/remote work, business, entrepreneurship, and making money online in general.

Knowing about doing business online has become one of the most critical aspects of doing business overall. The Internet has unlocked new business models that have changed how we can make a living or exercise entrepreneurship.

For example, e-commerce, streaming, gaming, cryptocurrency trading, influencing, and enhanced experiences through augmented reality have changed and will change how we should operate our businesses.

Additionally, the creation of highly specialized services online has magnified the impact that one single individual can have.

Magnobusiness will keep you up to date and give you all the necessary information to understand all the online business phenomena as an online worker, established business, or entrepreneur.


OnlineEduReview is the ultimate guide/resource for getting the most economical, efficient, and practical remote/online education and training.

For better or for worst, online education has become and will become one of the main pillars of education. While some online education just inherits from the old model, there are also new and innovative ways to enhance the learning experience for kids and adults alike.

From great animations, apps, and others, OnlineEduReview attempts to be your primary information source for the education that suits your needs.


Workavel is the ultimate guide/resource for travel and work combined: digital nomads, workations, location independence, and leisure/work traveling.

With the rise of digital nomads and remote work, knowing how to work while moving is more than imperative. There is a lot of traveling information out there, and we want to become one of the best. Nevertheless, there is no practical guide to the secrets of working while traveling. Therefore, Workavel will emphasize that aspect.

We aim to become your leading resource for knowing how to know places and travel and how to work effectively and have the highest impact on what you do while on the move.


The jprdvBlog contains supplementary/technical/hands-on material for Freelanstyle, Magnobusiness, OnlineEduReview, Workavel, and other future blogs, as well as covering science, technology, and engineering topics.

The content outlets we have discussed will introduce you to many new tools and services that can be life-changing, but for others, just good-to-know. For those who want to get their hands on the details, jprdvBlog will be where we will add more practical information about tools and services we talk about on our other blogs.


And, of course, the jprdvBlog will be where we will share our knowledge in Computer/Electrical and Software engineering, our primary specialties.


And finally, jprdvTheCorner is the editorial/opinion section of jprdv.com and Juan Pablo Rodriguez's personal space.

For all our ultimate references and guides, we aim to make our information unbiased or reduce opinions to a minimum (when it applies).

Nevertheless, we consider our opinions valuable and complementary to our content ecosystem. For that reason, we use jprdvTheCorner as the place where we share our personal experiences and opinions, hoping to benefit others.

And also a place where to find information about Juan Pablo Rodriguez DV, a.k.a. Garbs, and his personal endeavors and a taste of his mind.

New blogs will come eventually, but we believe these will be the main foundation of our content ecosystem.


Now let's talk about our products.

We generate all sorts of courses to help you navigate this new online world and give you the tools to succeed. We believe that learning from multiple sources is always a good idea. Nevertheless, with our courses, we aim to become your primary education reference for your goals.

Many of our courses will be available on YouTube for everybody to benefit from. Still, we will also provide premium courses to those that look to move to the next level.

We will soon release our apps and tools, the ones we are crafting especially for those who want to live, work and do business online.

Visit our site for more information.


And finally, let's talk about our services.

We offer computer, electrical, and software engineering and development contract work.

You would be in the best hands. Hands with more than 15+ years of experience with more than 20+ extremely satisfied clients, which is reflected in outstanding testimonials.

Additionally, we offer content creation, advertisement, and marketing services.

Currently, these services are subject to availability.

Visit our site for more information.

In the future, we aim to provide more content, services, and products to help you navigate and get ahead in the online world. Please, do not forget to subscribe to and follow us on our different social media outlets.

Thank you for your interest in jprdv.com

We hope you enjoy everything we do and help us spread the word. Also, let us know how we can improve as we go. See you around. My best wishes, always.


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