Eulogy to my Father

Eulogy to my Father

Published on Nov 11, 2021

Updated on Nov 11, 2021

This is the farewell message that I gave my father at his funeral ... this is the eulogy to my father.

Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Aguiló (R.I.P.)

This is the farewell message that I gave my father at his funeral ... this is the eulogy to my father:

My father always considered that the essential thing in life is personal relations. He lived focused on giving happiness to those surrounding him. He was persistently thankful for any great interaction he had with family, old and new friends, and those he didn't know that much, but had high regard. I know that he would like to thank each one of you for all memories and experiences together, and for the friendship, fondness and detail that you had with him in life and here in his last resting place.

He was one who valued humility, kindness, love, and honesty above it all. He lived all his life trying to be righteous and attempting to be an example for the rest of us. I believe that he has shown us that real human value is based on making each one of us feel special, on treating everybody with dignity and respect and on always showing us our inherent capacity to be and do good, independently of who we are. He looked at all of us like we were carrying a treasure inside ... and that is why he never stopped smiling at us.

His first and most important love was God, his creator. He never stopped praying and believing in the teachings of the Holy Father and Jesus as a Kind Leader full of love and mercy. His second love was his wife, my mother. He loved her with absolute passion, and after all these years and until the end, he kept looking at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world: like a teenager that never stopped feeling butterflies in the stomach every time he was with her. They never separated nor refrained from being together through fights, sickness, and eventualities. They always enjoyed each other's company through the years.

After her, he loved his children, grandchildren and the rest of the family. Always worried about preparing us intellectually to give our best to those we love, and he gave us his wisdom, which now has more meaning and resounds in us more than ever. He had love to spare for all of those he cared about, even in the hardest of times ... especially in the hardest of times.

Although there is a consensus that now he is resting from the pain that he experienced daily, my father did wanted to keep living and appreciated every day he had with us and dreamed about a better future for all until his last day. That taught me the immense value of life and that the love that we have for those next to us is enough to keep living, fighting and dreaming about a better future.

Rest in Peace, George ... I love you ... and I will miss you until my last day. You will be my adviser and protector, that voice of wisdom that was always there with me, but many times I disparaged in life, but now that you are a companion soul to me, I will never miss again.

See you soon, Ferrilo.